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                                   Church without walls


Summertime, when the walls come down, is a time when we physically celebrate who we are. The sound of traffic or snippets of conversations from passers-by are all reminders that we are a part of the Sandbridge community. Without walls, we are open and welcoming to the community. Without walls, we witness the openness of God through Jesus Christ. Without walls, we witness that we are not separated from His creation.

Sometimes, it gets hot and humid, other times, cool and rainy. So, dress accordingly. The birds, the breeze, the rain, all of His creation is with us, and we celebrate that. God declared that all of creation was very good, and we are thankful, and say our Amen in agreement.

So, whether you are a summer visitor or longtime parishioner, summer at St Simon's by-the-Sea is an opportunity to deliberately and physically connect with the community, as well as His creation of which we are a part.

To that, we respond, Thanks Be to God!

                                           Reverend Dale Hirst

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